Yao Reverse Circle Sensitive Brush (For Sensitive Scalp)

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YAO HAIRBRUSH is a new Korean hairbrush brand designed and made in South Korea. Developed by hair experts to be the solution to having beautiful hair and a healthy scalp, Yao hairbrush has a unique curved body and moving vent design that gives a “Scalp Massage" feature which helps to increase blood circulation resulting in a healthy hair root that minimizes hair fall. Designed and recommended for users with sensitive scalp, the reverse, front facing circle design of the brush helps promote better air ventilation and superior scalp massage feature to the user upon brushing the hair, the nylon bristles are super soft and gentle to the hair and scalp, Overall bristles are 2 x the number of bristles compared to other Yao hairbrush models, it has 308 bristles compared to the 166 bristles of the Yao circle brush, the Yao Reverse Circle Sensitive Brush offers a better and more gentle way of brushing the hair recommended for users with sensitive scalp.



  • Designed for users with sensitive Scalp
  • Reverse, Front Facing Circle Design 
  • Better Air Ventilation / Superior Scalp Massage Feature
  • Super soft & gentle nylon Bristles
  • 2X number of bristles compared to other Yao hairbrushes
  • Anti-Bacterial.
  • Ergonomically design handle.
  • Hair dryer compatible.
  • Moving vent design help to increase comfort when brushing.
  • Can be used for wet or dry hair





  • Dimensions: 10cm (width) x  23.5cm (height)
  • Material: TPE Body Material
  • Premium Gentle & Flexible Nylon Tips