UV Care Ultra Clean Hydrovac+

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Introducing the UV Care Ultra Clean Hydrovac+: your ultimate solution for a cleaner, healthier home environment. Say goodbye to dust, allergens, and harmful germs with this innovative wet and dry vacuum.

Equipped with UV-C light technology, it efficiently eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, ensuring a thorough clean every time. But that's not all – the Hydrovac+ utilizes 100% electrolyzed water, a powerful and natural disinfectant, to further sanitize surfaces without any harmful chemicals (so it’s safe for your kids and pets). 


Here's what makes the UV Care Ultra Clean Hydrovac+ stand out.

8 Smart Features:

  1. 2-in 1 Vacuum Mop. No need for multiple cleaners! This versatile device handles dust and spills, all in one go! 
  2. AI Technology. Intelligently detects floor surfaces and adjusts settings for efficient cleaning.
  3. Superior UV-C Germicidal LED. The UV Care Hydrovac+ goes beyond surface cleaning. It eliminates 99.9% of bacteria and viruses with UV-C light technology.
  4. Medical-Grade HEPA Filter with UV Care Virux®. Eliminates allergens, dust, and viruses with hospital-grade filtration
  5. Self-Cleaning and Drying. Skip the hassle and the mess! This vacuum cleans everything, even itself.
  6. UV-C Bed and Sofa Wireless Vacuum. Clean beds, sofas, and more with cordless convenience.
  7. 100% Electrolyzed Water. Turns water into 100% electrolyzed water which is effective in eliminating odor-causing bacteria.
  8. LED Dust Searchlight. Dust and dirt have nowhere to hide! Helps to see these clearly.

From self-cleaning features to powerful suction, the Hydrovac+ makes cleaning a breeze:

  • One Vacuum for All Floors. Suitable for almost all floor types including hardwood, laminate, vinyl, tiles, carpets or play mats.
  • 12 kPa Powerful Suction. Picks up dust, dirt, hair, pet fur and messes effortlessly. Choose between 2 options: standard and maximum.
  • Corner & Edge Cleaning. Engineered for exceptional edge and corner cleaning, capturing dust and debris with precision.
  • Dual Water Tank Design . Keeps clean water separate from dirty water and debris
  • 180-Degree Super Flex. Effortlessly navigate and reach tight corners, under furniture, and around obstacles
  • Easy to Store. Easy to Maintain.  The UV Care Ultra Clean Hydrovac+ can stand on its own & can be conveniently stored after use. 

Easy detachable attachment for effortless cleaning:

  • Bed & Sofa UV-C Brush. Mattress, Couch, Pillows, Car Seats and Strollers
  • Crevice Tool. Corners & Tight Spots
  • 2-in-1 Angled Brush. Curtains, Screens & Vents
  • Roller Brush. AI mop
  • Electric Floor Brush. Hard Floor & Carpets

Cleaning made easy with multiple modes!

  • AI (Intelligent) Mode. Intelligently detects floor surfaces and adjusts settings for efficient cleaning.
  • Maximum Mode. Get an even deeper clean with the increased suction of maximum mode
  • Dry Vacuum Mode. Picks up dirt, dust and debris - for a powerful clean without the mop.
  • 100% Electrolyzed Water Sterilization. Converts the water in the tank to a powerful floor disinfectant.
  • Self- Cleaning and Drying. This vacuum cleans everything, including itself. 



  • Product name: UV Care Ultra Clean Hydravac+ Vacuum
  • Model name: UCV-UCHV
  • Modes: AI, Maximum, Dry Vacuum, Self-Clean
  • Suction Power: 12KPa / 35-40W
  • Run Time: Low: 25minutes | Maximum: 20minutes
  • Handheld Vacuum Dust Cylinder Capacity: 350ml
  • Clean Water Tank Volume Capacity: 500ml
  • Dirty Water Tank Volume Capacity: 400ml
  • Noise: 77 dB (A)
  • Charging Time: 2.5 to 3 hours (to fully charge)
  • Battery: 2500 mAh Lithium Ion Battery
  • Rated Power: 200W
  • Rated Voltage and Frequency: 100-240V/  50-60 Hz / 0.8A
  • Product Dimensions: L-26 x W-25 x H - 116cm
  • Product Weight: 4.3kg

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