Stayfresh Canada Natural Antibacterial Diffuser Oil (Refreshing Green Tea - 1L)

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The STAYFRESH! CANADA NATURAL ANTIBACTERIAL DIFFUSER OIL is all-natural and effectively disinfects and deodorizes the odor-causing microorganism in your homes, hotels, offices, restrooms, and carpet floors. It does not just mask out foul orders, it contains natural active ingredients that scrubs out and absorbs unwanted odors. This product is infused with natural scents and other active ingredients that are truly safe for the home and your family. It also acts as a natural perfume and a non-toxic air freshener that creates a relaxing and safe atmosphere. 

* This bottle is good for approx 10 months

NOTE: The price does not include the Stayfresh! Canada Natural Antibacterial Diffuser. Diffuser unit is sold separately.