Stayfresh Canada Industrial Grade Disinfecting Floor Mat

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The STAYFRESH! CANADA INDUSTRIAL GRADE DISINFECTING FLOOR MAT is a heavy-duty disinfecting rubber mat that can sterilize soles to avoid bring pathogens from outside to homes or offices.

This product is made from industrial-grade materials that can withstand corrosive solution.



  • Size: 61cm x 81cm
  • Weight: 5.6kg
  • Material: Heavy duty rubber, non-slip material
  • Maximum load: 150kg
  • Holds approximately 1 Liter of antibacterial floor solution
  • Has durable side wall to prevent solution leaking out
  • It is heavy to avoid slipping or moving
  • The bristles can also act as sole cleaner
  • The solution will not spill if the edge is stepped on
  • Complementary with Stayfresh! Canada Drying Mat and Stayfresh! Natural Antibacterial Solution