Stayfresh Canada Disinfecting Bundle (Indutrial Grade Disinfecting Floor Mat + Drying Mat + 1 Gallon Antibacterial Floor Solution)

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Effective in keeping germs away from your homes and offices. Our heavy-duty mats combined with laboratory tested solution is a worthy investment for the new normal.

The STAYFRESH! CANADA INDUSTRIAL GRADE DISINFECTING FLOOR MAT is a heavy-duty disinfecting rubber mat that can sterilize soles to avoid bring pathogens from outside to homes or offices. This product is made from industrial-grade materials that can withstand corrosive solution.

The STAYFRESH! CANADA INDUSTRIAL GRADE DRYING MAT is a  heavy-duty drying mat that works well after using the disinfecting mat to remove excess liquid from shoes.The product is made from non-slip, industrial-grade materials that can withstand corrosive solution

The STAYFRESH! CANADA NATURAL ANTIBACTERIAL FLOOR SOLUTION is a safe and effective disinfectant to kill pathogens that are carried through shoes and vehicles. Aside from being effective, it is non-corrosive so it will not affect your shoes and vehicles (metals).  Unlike bleach and chlorine, it does not emit fumes to harm people’s lungs.  The main ingredient is recommended by both WHO and CAAC to kill SARS virus and thus effective to the current Corona Virus.


  • Stayfresh! Canada Industrial Grade Disinfecting Floor Mat
  • Stayfresh! Canada Industrial Grade Drying Mat
  • Stayfresh! Canada Natural Antibacterial Floor Solution