SDS Blocker - SDS Phone Shield

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According to studies, a smartphone is 7 times dirtier than a toilet.  Likewise, a study by the University of Arizona found the typical worker's desk which tends to be your smartphone's home for about 40 hours a week, has hundreds of times more bacteria per square inch than an office toilet seat.  Serious pathogens on smartphones such as Stretpcoccus, MRSA - which is the type of bacteria that is resistant to several antibiotics - and even E.coli, are sitting on your mobile phones.  Since a lot of our time is spent on mobile usage, our phones should be virus-free.

ClO2 is a well-known sanitizer and disinfectant approved by FDA for many applications. ClO2 is recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) of the United Nations (UN) and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). It is also a disinfectant listed on the Guideline for Laboratory Biosafety of the WHO. Influenza A and B and norovirus (Norwalk virus) are examples of enveloped viruses that are hard to kill. ClO2 is uniquely able to penetrate this protein envelope and disable these pathogens. ClO2 is also effective for penetrating the proteins surrounding certain pollens to render them harmless to those with allergies.

Traditional disinfectants have to get inside the pathogen to kill it and this takes time. Pathogens can build immunities. Cl02 attacks from the outside in and can kill in as little as 30-90 seconds.



  • Provides your mobile phone an extra shield of protection from viruses, bacteria, germs and pollen
  • ClO2 deactivates and kills many pathogens in seconds
  • Cl02 neutralizes many odors
  • Easy to use
  • Bring anywhere you go: office, travelling, hospital, mall, etc.
  • 100% Safe.  The safety level of chlorine dioxide gas is confirmed by FDAand USDA. JFCFA of WHO and FAO has also confirmed its safety
  • Available in 4 colors: Black, Blue, Pink and White



  • Remove SDS Blocker sachet from the silver packet
  • Put SDS Blocker sachet into the shield holder
  • Remove self-adhesive sticker 
  • Place SDS Phone Shield to the back of your phone
  • Punch thru the pre-punched hole markers of the SDS Phone Shield 


Once opened, effective for up to one month. Effective period may differ under different circumstances.