Excelgo Pharma NoCough Organic Herbal Cough Relief Patch (12 patches per box)

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NoCough is an organic herbal cough relief patch that aids to lessen cough by helping loosen the phlegm.



  • Relieves cough and itchy throat
  • Soothes wheezing and cough due to mild asthma and allergic rhinitis
  • Helps loosen phlegm
  • Easy to use and one patch lasts up to 12 hours
  • Suitable for kids (3 months old & above) and adults, including seniors
  • Great for small kids who do not want to drink their regular cough medicine
  • Herbal ingredients 



Chinese Honeylocust (Fructus Gleditsiae Abnormalis): Traditionally being used for stubborn phlegm, obstruction of lungs, cough and dyspnea with profuse phlegm.

Jujube Nectar: Jujube is a fruit cultivated in India. Improves circulation, gives skin a glow, strengthens bones and aids in restful sleep.

Arisaema Tubers (Rhizoma Arisaematis): Resolves phlegm and helps remove swelling.

Borneol from Camphor Leaves: A compound derived from dryobalanops aromitaca, a tree that belongs to the teak family. Helps alleviate pain, inflammation, digestive issues, improves circulation, encourages relaxation.

Crowdipper (Pinellia Ternata): A plant that is native to China, Japan, and Korea. Included in Japanese influenza (flu) medicine. Also used for nausea, morning sickness, cough, pain and swelling.

Cinnamon (Cortex Cinnamomi): Dried inner bark of Ceylon cinnamon tree. Has a wide variety of pharmacological actions such as anti-inflammatory action, anti-platelet aggregation, and improving blood circulation. It also has been recently studied and proven to have antioxidant properties.



  • PATCH MATERIAL: Non-woven fabric, hot-melt adhesive (HMA)
  • BOX CONTENT: 6 sachets per box (2 patches per sachet; total of 12 patches)
  • PATCH SIZE: 6cm x 7cm
  • STORAGE: Sealed, store in a dry and cool place like medicine cabinets or closets. Never place inside the refrigerator as the patches might get wet.
  • EXPIRY: The unsealed patch is valid for 2 years starting from the production date.



1. Clean the part where the patch will be applied on.

2. Remove paper seals of the outer and inner circle (do not remove the black circle).

3. Stick one patch on the chest and/or one on the back area OR two patches on one area. Maximum of two patches at a time in one use!

4. We recommend using the patch before bedtime. Each patch can last for about 12 hours but for children 3 years old and below, use only for not more than 8 hours since small kids are usually sweaty and it might cause rashes from prolonged use.

For small kids, we recommend cutting the white area around the black inner circle:



  • Before sticking the patch, please do an allergy test first.
  • Stick a small portion of the patch on the arm of the user for 10-15 minutes.
  • Remove the patch and wait for 2 hours and observe any skin redness, irritation or rashes.
  • DO NOT ATTEMPT TO USE if symptoms appear but do not throw it away.
  • Patches can still be used on other persons in the family. Just do the skin allergy test first again. Write down the ingredients for awareness.
  • Not for pregnant and lactating moms, and infants below 3 months old.  Ask your doctor before using this product.
  • For G6PD patients, this product does not contain menthol or mint, but please check ingredients for safety precautions.
  • Do not use product is there is skin breakage in the chest or back area.  People who has skin ulceration, skin diseases and skin allergy should cautiously use this product.
  • Stop using the product if any adverse reactions occur (you can test it by sticking the patch on the leg area for 1-3 minutes and wait for 2-4 hours for any possible reaction.  Please seek immediate medical attention if needed.
  • For external use only.  Do not eat/swallow.



  • Sealed, keep in a cool and dry place.



  • 6 sachets/box (2 patches per sachet)


EXPIRATION DATE: July 8, 2025 

WARNING: This product is not a substitute for the medicine prescribed by your doctor. For pregnant, breastfeeding and infants, always ask your doctor before using this product.

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Sarah Santos
Tanggal ubo talaga

Gamit ng mga kids na hikain at ubuhin lalo na ngayong tagulan na. Pasibol pa lang ubo, dinidikitan ko na ng nocough, di na magtutuloy. Nakakatulog rin sila mahimbing. Highly recommended!


hello good morning ,puede po ba gamitin to sa 2 months old?