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An alternative weight loss product type manufactured to people who are not fond of eating chocolates. DETOXERET JELLY is a product with delicious and fresh flavors, made from natural ingredients. In just 3 days, you will know that it's effective. Achieve your desired body weight and figure. Add this to your daily weight loss regimen and be happy with the results!

Trim your body fats easily! Safe and effective! You will see remarkable results in 2 weeks! Lose 3-15kg in 1 cycle (1 month)


In general, Detoxeret Jelly is a good and safe product. However, we still want to remind everyone not to rely too much on the product.

Weight loss is a process, you should combine weight loss products with a scientific diet and exercise to achieve more effectiveness. May you always be beautiful and have a sexy body!



  • With natural ingredients from celery, green tea + grape seaweed and black cocoa.  
  • Delicious and easy to eat
  • Helps reduce fat absorption, reduce constipation and fat accumulation
  • Reduce appetite without causing fatigue and dehydration.
  • Creates a feeling of fullness and effectively suppresses cravings.
  • Reduces 5-10 cm waist circumference, committed to reduce 3-15 kg per course.
  • Supports collagen production helping your skin stay healthy and full of vitality. 
  • 3 times stronger effect on fat metabolism, tightening the waist than normal weight loss products
  • Granted a Certificate of Food Hygiene and Safety
  • Produced in GMP* (Good Manufacturing Practices) Qualified Factory on Japanese Technology Line and is licensed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade  for export 
  • licensed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade to circulate freely and export to other countries

*GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practices.  Highest standard in the world



1. CELERY. Celery contains 6.3% protein, 2.1% trace minerals, 0.6% lipid and a lot of fiber, vitamins and other nutrients.  Celery helps in losing weight, reduces belly fat safely and effectively. Celery provides water and nutrients to the skin because it contains a large amount of hydration and essential vitamins such as vitamins A, B, C, K. The nutrients also help increase collagen production.  It repels wrinkles and quickly restores skin damage caused by acne.

2. BLACK COCOA.  Black cocoa has the ability to enhance metabolism, turning excess fat into active energy for the body. Not only that, it also limits cravings because it contains theobromine, which helps you limit the amount of food you eat and avoid weight gain. Along with weight loss, black cocoa also helps stabilize blood sugar and is an antioxidant because of its ability to help the body produce more insulin, stabilizing blood sugar levels.

3.  GREEN TEA + GRAPE SEAWEED.  Green Tea & Grape Seaweed help bring positive effects in promoting metabolism, increasing circulation to burn fat. Excess fat will be eliminated through excretion. This mechanism works continuously for 24 hours in the body. Reduce excess fat in unwanted areas such as waist, abdomen, double chin, biceps and thighs quickly.

The appearance of Vitamins and Collagen in Detoxeret Jelly will help brighten and smooth skin, increase skin elasticity. Minimize the case of sagging skin due to weight loss.




  • Celery - 40%
  • Black Cocoa - 30%
  • Seaweed - 10%
  • Green Tea - 5%
  • Skimmed milk powder - 5%
  • Isomaltulose - 5%
  • Cocoa butter - 4%
  • Synthetic Flavoring - 1%



    • Product type: Jelly
    • Main Ingredients: Celery and Black Cocoa
    • Packing type: Individually packed in sachet
    • Quantity: 15 sachets/box (mix of 2 flavors: Celery and Black Cocoa)
    • Country of Origin: Vietnam
    • Variant: Weight Loss Support
    • Weight: 10grams
    • Volume: 10ml



    • Drink a glass of warm water 30 minutes before eating breakfast
    • Day 1 & 2 - Chew 1/2 Detoxeret Jelly 30 minutes before breakfast
    • Right after finishing the entire sachet/packet, drink some warm water
    • Day 3 onwards, enjoy eating 1 Detoxeret Jelly 30 minutes before breakfast. Chew slowly. Do not swallow the whole jelly at once. 

    • Your throat will really feel the need to hydrate.  You should drink 2-3 liters of water per day to better support detoxification.

    • Support by eating less greasy, high-fat foods and sweets, combined with an exercise regimen help to lose weight more effectively.

    • You may expect some tolerable palpitations here and there caused by caffeine in Pure Black Cocoa (one of the main ingredients)

    • If you don’t have appetite, eat a little. Do not let yourself starve. An empty stomach declines your energy and you’re more likely to feel fatigued. 



    • For overweight and obese adults (see health warning below)
    • For people wishing to reduce blood fat
    • For age 16 years old and above



    • 1 course = 1 month
    • 1 course = 2 boxes of Detoxeret Jelly 


    • Cool and dry place
    • Avoid direct sunlight



    • August 1 2024



    Detoxeret Jelly is not a medicine, has no curing effect and not a substitute for medication.

    • Pregnant women;
    • Breastfeeding moms;
    • People with a history of cardiovascular disease;
    • People with diabetes;
    • People with high blood pressure.
    • People with dairy allergy.



    Keep it out of reach of children.

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