Yao Strong Hair Brush Wooden Texture For Thick / Curly / Frizzy (Buhaghag) Hair

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YAO HAIRBRUSH is a Korean hairbrush brand designed and made in South Korea. Developed by hair experts to be the solution to having beautiful hair and a healthy scalp, Yao hairbrush has a unique curved body and moving vent design that gives a “Scalp Massage" feature which helps to increase blood circulation resulting in a healthy hair root that minimizes hair fall. Yao’s premium soft bristles can easily detangle the hair without pulling or tugging, the brush just glides through the hair while brushing, the hairbrush is also anti-static and hairdryer compatible, try and feel the difference with Yao Hairbrush.



  • Specially Designed to help users to Effectively Manage Thick / Curly / Frizzy (Buhaghag) Hair Type, the Yao Strong Brush features a Solid Vented and Curved Back brush Design that follows the shape of the Head and Scalp, Form meets Function
  • Designed for Support and Power, the Brush head features a strong and solid head, enables the user to brush thick hair smoothly with no tugging and discomfort.
  • Certified by South Korean Trichologist (Hair & Scalp Doctor)
  • Airy Vented Shape and Design to enable Good Ventilation and Hygiene
  • Superior Scalp massage feature that promotes healthy blood circulation of the scalp and provides a healthy and relaxing scalp massage everytime you brush
  • Compatible with wet & dry hair and can be used in shower for applying hair treatment.
  • Easily clean due to unique vent design it allows user to easily remove hair between each bristle.
  • Hair dryer compatible
  • Antibacterial coating.
  • Antistatic.
  • Ergonomically designed handle.




  • Product Size: 7cm (width) x 23.3cm (height)
  • Material Body: TPE
  • Material Bristles: Flexible Nylon Tips